PayProTec Elite LLC is a full-service merchant services company offering payment processing and lending services to small to mid-sized businesses within the United States.

We have been rated as a Platinum Level payment processing company due to our wholesale pricing structure and our white glove A+ rated personalized service.

We are unique in the industry and hold ourselves to a higher standard. Here are a few reasons why we are the best in the business:

  1. Top of the line equipment! While our competition is still sending out terminals that were born in the 90s or hard-to-use low functionality card readers, PayProTec Elite sends out fully wireless, contactless touchscreen terminals with full Point of Sale features.
  2. Our Equipment is FREE.  No activation, no monthly rental or lease payments and we even cover the shipping to get it to your door.  No out of pocket fees to start processing payments.
  3. We own and developed the platform to process your payments which allows you Next Day or even Same Day funds deposited into your account. Next-Day funding is standard for all of our clients at no additional cost to you with batch out times as late as Midnight..
  4. True Wholesale pricing: We are always priced better than our competition.
  5. Don't want to pay any fees at all? Full cash discount compliant in ALL 50 states which mean you pay 0% and $0 in fees out of your pocket
  6. NO Pushy Sales People or annoying Sales Calls!
  7. We also offer No Term Contracts for service by offering "Zero" termination fee. We believe we need to earn your business each and every month. 
  8. We have an A+ BBB rating
  9. 24/7 Client Support
  10. Our owners of PayProTec Elite know each and every client's name and know your business. Every customer will have at least one owner's cellphone for any issues.
  11. PayProTec Elite is a Proud Partner with Rate Tracker, so you will always know you are getting the best deal. Sign up is easy and FREE for Life. Whether you use PayProTec Elite or someone else EVERY Merchant should have Rate Tracker!

PayProTec Elite has recognized in the merchant services industry as a standout payment processor. We are blessed and honored to have been awarded as a Best Processor Winner for 2021.


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