What are your fees?

PayProTec Elite does not have standard blanket rates.  We customize everything from equipment and addon features.  It is important for us to get to know your business and advice what is going to be the best rate structure for you.  We typically will recommend either our Edge Cash Discount program which will eliminate 100% of your processing and terminal fees or our true direct wholesale rates which we will guarantee to beat your current rate structure and save you money or we will send you $500.

Do you have long-term contracts?

No, we believe that we should earn your business every single month for the life of your account, so we will not tie you down to a long term expensive buy out. There are only two exceptions to this. The first is if we are placing one of our more expensive full point of sale system free of charge in your business. In that case because we are purchasing the units upfront then we do ask that you commit to staying with us for a 3 year period, however this is rare. Most of our Point of Sale Systems and all of our terminals we will send over on a month to month basis. The second example is if we purchase you out of your current contract; we ask that you stay with us from 6 months to 3 years depending on what your contract purchase rate is.

Can I take credit card payments from my web site? What gateways do you work with?

Absolutely. We have high volume relationships with most of Gateway companies like authorize.net and USA E-pay. Because we have a high volume provider status we can provide their gateway services at a lower cost than if you were to contact them directly. We also have our own in house Gateway, Velocity, which was built specifically for our processing platform EPX.

What if my personal credit score is not good? Can I still get approved?

Great question. We do pull your credit, however it is only used for identity verification purposes. Your individual credit score has no bearing on if you are approved for a merchant account. The only way your credit would affect your approval is if you are in a current active bankruptcy.

Can I use my own credit card equipment with your services?

Sure. As long as you own the terminal itself and is unlocked by your previous payment processor. There are some rare exceptions but the majority of the time yes.

When do I get my funds after the credit card payment is authorized?

PayProTec Elite is one of the very very few companies that sets ALL of our clients on next day funding with batch times as late as Midnight (EST). We even have same day funding available now, so if your business can batch out by early afternoon then you will see it the very same day.

How quickly can I start taking credit card payments after I’m approved?

Typically it takes about 24 hours to get you account set up, then you will be able to process immediately through your virtual terminal in your Payments Hub back office.

Do you provide ACH services (Electronic check)?

We do provide check services, however they would be run through your payment terminal.

What protections do I have if a legit customer disputes a credit card charge?

We have a dedicated chargeback team that goes to work for you to research and represent you with the issuing bank that placed the dispute. Unfortunately with merchant services it’s opposite of our legal system. As a Merchant, you are guilty and we have to prove you innocent and that is when our team will jump in and request information from you which will give you the best odds of showing it was a valid charge.

Will I get a "hard inquiry" ding on my credit report to get approved?

We believe in complete honesty with our clients, so we tell everyone that there is no such thing as a "hard" and "soft" credit pull. If a credit inquiry is made from the credit 3 credit bureaus then it is a "hard" hit on your credit. And yes, we do a credit inquiry for identity verification purposes. In rate instances we can do verifications via other methods which will require additional documents be sent to our underwriting team.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We have an amazing referral program which includes $100 for each referral. As soon as your account is approved we will send you over an email with all of the details.

Do I need Wi-Fi internet access to use your equipment? How secure is the Wi-Fi connections?

Most of the terminals that we send to our clients are Wi-Fi enabled because they are top of the line and typically much more advanced than most of our competitors, however you are not required to have Wi-Fi; we have terminals that can use standard Cat-6 internet cabling, or terminals that can connect through a Bluetooth connection on your mobile device or we have options to include cell phone sim cards in our terminals so they are completely self self-sufficient. Every one of our terminals are PCI compliant and are set up with the proper (or better) security to process payments over a Wi-Fi or Mobile connection. PayProTec Elite has never had a security breach and has never had any client data compromised.

Is your equipment and services PCI compliant?

Yes, and we take it a step further by providing the PCI required breach protection at no additional cost to our clients and we have a fully dedicated PCI Plus team who works with each and every client to ensure their business also is PCI certified

What’s warranty do you provide on your equipment?

The majority of the time we provide our clients with top of the line payment equipment at no additional cost to them. Our merchants can use this equipment for the life of their account, and if something happens and the equipment needs to be replaced then we will swap them out at not additional cost.

Do you provide equipment insurance in case of drops, screen cracks, loss, spills, etc? If so, is there a deductible?

The majority of the time we provide our clients with top of the line payment equipment at no additional cost to them. Our merchants can use this equipment for the life of their account, and if something happens and the equipment needs to be replaced then we will swap them out at not additional cost.

Last question – how do I sign up?

Sign up is easy. If you already have an idea of how you want to process and don’t have additional questions you can sign up right through our secure sign up link which is Sign up with PayProTec Elite
2.Or you can speak with one of our Sales Consultant at (800) 304-5557 Ext 1


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