Edge Cash Discount

Cash Discount is a perfect way to save your business hundreds if not thousands in interchange, bank and processor fees.

PayProTec Elite has 100% cash discount compliant payment equipment and is fully licensed and legal to set up cash discount pricing in all 50 states.

Why Use Rate Tracker?

Credit card processing is a big expense for most businesses. We are talking 2-3% of gross sales! Small business owners work hard for their money, so we wanted to create a resource to help educate about the Payments Industry that has been known to have gray areas when it comes to rates and fees.

Say goodbye to being in the dark when it comes to your credit card processing fees, and AUTOMATICALLY keep track of them each month with Rate Tracker.

Rate Tracker is a FREE app and website that allows a business owner to understand and AUTOMATICALLY keep track of their credit card fees every single month.

Business and Consumer Financing

We have partnered with a variety of banks, alternative lenders, commercial finance companies
and hedge funds to provide the capital you need. We offer:

Lines of Credit - Unsecured lines of credit up to $500K. Secured lines of credit up to $5M. We offer a variety of lower interest rate lines of credit which provides capital when you need it. Whether you are looking to cash out of a commercial property, refinance a property, or just need the security of knowing you have backup funding when you need it.

Commercial Loans -We offer a variety of commercial loans to refinance or finance property, rental property, or multi-family properties. We offer high loan to value ratios and terms out to 30 years. Our rates are extremely competitive and we have express and lite documentation programs, in some cases, we don’t even need tax returns.

Working Capital Loans - We can provide funds for pretty much any credit or business circumstances. Your credit score is not as important as cash flow and the ability to repay the loan. We have a 95% approval rate regardless of your credit score. If you’ve had challenges access capital in the past one of our working capital loans might be a great option.

Invoice Factoring - Unlock the value trapped in your accounts receivable. Up to 85% of your invoice advanced to you for working capital. If you have to wait more than 7 days to get paid on your invoices this may be a great cash flow solution. We provide lines up to $2.5M.


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